The “NIR” (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) system consists of a sophisticated analysis of liquid, solid, semi-solid or pasty samples, allowing to determine and quantify the amount and percentage of certain substances in the sample, by applying calibration equations which allow it´s reading in 45 seconds.

With our cutting edge technology, it is a new electronic/automated system for liquid, paste, solid or semisolid feces analysis, obtaining water, starch, sugars, fat and nitrogen determination.

It is defined as an excellent and practical tool to assist clinical laboratory and medical crew from gastroenterology and nutrition specialties.

Spectraalyzer, inmediate and reliable results

The computer operating system is hygienic, fast and efficient for an early diagnosis of diseases such as: Steatorrhea, Malabsorption Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis and Celiac Disease, among others.


Qualitative and quantitative NIR analysis are based on the interaction between near infrared radiation with molecules from the sample.

The sample is irradiated with 19 high precision interference filters in the spectral range of near-infrared. Part of this energy is absorbed by the sample and and the other is reflected and detected.

The gold integrating sphere that contains the lead sulfide detector collects all the reflected light, which in turn contains all the characteristic information of each sample and allows to detect with high precision and accuracy the most relevant composition of the sample .

Additionally, the inner wall of the integrating sphere acts as an internal reference ensuring high stability of the measurement.

The luminous energy is converted into electrical pulses and once detected and compared to calibration data stored in a microprocessor, the equipment presents the analytical results in quantity and percentage of water, starch, sugar, fat and nitrogen.

These results can be viewed on screen, copied via USB, network shares or printed directly.

Detection and quantification of non absorbed nutrients by the intestinal mucosa and consequently eliminated in feces, today, are still considered the most accurate and objective methods for the approximation in the diagnosis of some pathologies from gastroenterology and nutrition specialties.

This innovative system allows to measure in less than 1 minute substances present in a small stool sample without manipulation and use of specific reagents. Just the sample needed.


– ACCURACY. Precision optics, along with automatic reference measurement for each wavelength ensure maximum accuracy and precision, which guarantees the stability of calibrations.

– DELAY. Analysis of all components in one operation. The device features a digital processor, which enables the analysis of a sample in seconds.

– DESIGN. Can be installed in the testing laboratory or in your own practice.

– HANDLING. The sample handling is minimal or nonexistent. Minimizes the risk of contamination and/or destruction.

– VERSATILITY. As a starting point, five parameters (water, starch, sugar, fat and nitrogen) are analyzed.

– EASY HANDLING. The multifunction control and interactive display facilitate the dialogue with the operator. The explanatory messages avoid having to memorize. No staff or special conditions required for installation.

– OPERATION. No need to be connected to a PC. You can work independently or with network if you prefer.

– COMPLIANCE. In fulfillment with the GLP requirements (Good Laboratory Practice), the last 100 measurements are stored directly on your flash memory.

– RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. No polluting discharges produced or toxic waste generated.

– TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE. The equipment is easily controlled and calibrated using an external PC with our program Worx Calibration Application. Or if you prefer, you can go to support and technical information assistance included in the equipment manual.

– EASE. It is not an invasive test, it is convenient for the professional and the patient, the sampling requires no preparation or pre-diet (Van de Kamer). Does not require the use of reagents (Kjeldahl). No sample preparation required (lyophilization).

– Requires no prior homogenization of the sample and the use of reagents.

– Most traditional techniques require homogenization of samples and a cumbersome and unpleasant handling during a space of time.

– With our innovative equipment SpectraAlyzer“, it avoids having to homogenize the sample, as by taking a small sample, results are obtained in perfect correlation with the data obtained with a homogenization of the sample with conventional analytical/chemical methods but with a higher level of security.

– Our team and NIR system provide results in less than 1 minute.


  • Optical measuring unit with interference filters
  • Display menus and presentation of results.
  • Electronic system with microprocessor for control and calculation of results.
  • Report on screen and/or print of results

DIMENSIONS equipment benefits

  • SIZE: Height, 310mm – Width 300mm – Depth 480mm
  • WEIGHT: 17 kg.
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