RENDON EUROPE LABORATORIES S.L.  company which develops products focused on rare diseases (uncommon), standing out in the nutritional area of Cystic Fibrosis, Inborn Errors of Aminoacid Metabolism, Diagnosis Equipment and Respiratory Therapy.


1. – Develop and support research, production and marketing of:

  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Nutritional Products                  
  • Genetic Products
  • Cosmetic Products                              
  • Diagnosis Equipment
  • Respiratory Therapy

2. – Meet the requirements of the highest quality standards in all our processes and management areas.

3. – Represent other companies in the same sector which lead to an improvement in life quality with their products. Always governed and framed by common goals and our ethics code.


  • Be recognized and valued possitively by professionals who recommend the use of our products.
  • Be recognized by patients who receive the benefits of our products.


“Integrity and responsible work”
“Respect for people, rules and environment”
“Equality in selection of our employees”
“Passion for science and knowledge”
“Reliability in fulfilling commitments”
“Culture of business progress”
“Respect for the beliefs and tendencies of others”
“Honesty in our negotiations”
“Recognition of the value of people ”
“Vocation training and professional development”